About Us

Bee is a desktop support engineer at a Portland company. Quiet and very efficient, few of us knew about Bee's ideas to help orphans in Laos and Thailand. Then, there he was at the Employee Craft Fair with a table full of beautifully-designed stuffed animals with a sign that explained that all proceeds from the sales of the creatures, which Bee and his wife made, would go to helping these children.

Curious, we asked, learned more and were overwhelmed by the scope of Bee's project and the potential it had to truly improve the lives of these children. When we learned that he was attempting to fund this idea by the sales of his creations, sometimes going door-to-door to raise money, we realized that we had skills and contacts that could help Bee's cause dramatically.

This site (still in progress) is an attempt to reach out to a larger audience to help educate people about Bee's mission and to ask help from more people that Bee could reasonably expect to reach by going door-to-door.