Bee's Mission

Living in extreme poverty, with limited opportunities, the children living in orphanages in Laos and Thailand face an uncertain future. Their situation makes them easy targets for human traffickers or opportunists offering them a way out in the drug trade.

Enter Bee Her, a man with a mission.

Bee realized that he could make a dramatic difference in these children's lives. He believes that the government and non-governmental agencies will feed the children but that if he could feed their minds, they may be able to rise our of poverty.

With a background in computers, Bee devised a scheme to create a computer-based training program to help teach the children. The program would be designed to help them learn the concepts required to get into better schools. Without this training, the children are at a disadvantage when competing against other children with better access to technology.

Bee will be seeking out help with creating the computer-based training courses from developers in that region as well as seeking volunteers to keep the project moving forward.